Mission 1

Improve Women and Girls' Emotional and Mental Health, October 2017

We all have mental health, in the same way that we all have physical health, and there is a complex range of factors - biological, psychological, environmental and social - that affect it. The current high-profile crisis in mental and emotional health is due to not enough good solutions to help people improve their own health, or to enable professionals to support individuals needing specialist support.

Our approach to mental and emotional health is multifactorial and integrative, grounded in the need to understand the problem and users in context. The result is that our emerging Zinc businesses are approaching this problem from a diverse range of angles (including transport, finance, social care, sexual wellbeing, contraception, long-term conditions, stress, and loneliness) and across a range of user groups (from tweenage years to old age). 


Application for our first mission is closed. If you want to apply to our future missions, please register using the link on this page.

Over 800 people applied for our first programme from which 55 highly talented individuals have been recruited to be Zinc Mission 1 Founders. The Founders have backgrounds in computer science, entrepreneurship, consulting, medicine, UX/UI design, and more.

Our cohort has an equal mix of women and men, they represent more than 19 countries, over half of them have experience within early stage start-ups, with an average age of 33 and with over a third above the age of 35.

Over the course of the 6 months the Founders have formed 19 companies, ranging across various sectors such as transportation, the workplace, fintech, digital health, perinatal support, the elderly, digital screen time, outdoor experiences, all of which are designed to improve women's and girls' mental and emotional health.


The Mission 1 Portfolio:

Zinc Mission 1 Fellows:

The Fellows are leaders in their respective fields who are actively engaged with Zinc’s Mission1. They help the Zinc team to drive the programme and support the founders on their journey of building an impactful, ambitious and successful business. The Fellows are also joined by over 120 especially selected mentors and experts.


Celia Romaniuk
User Experience


Cynthia Joyce
Mental Health Research

Denzyl Feigelson
User Experience


Farhana Mann
Social Connectedness

Emma Stanton
Mental Health Innovation


Gregor Henderson
Public Health


Jessica Butcher
Tech Business

Iain Jordan

Oli Barrett


Olga Perski
Digital Engagement

Nicola Byrom
Young People

Peter Robinson
Human Computer Interaction


Tim Davey

Jonathan Guppy

Jonathan Guppy
Team Dynamics

James Woollard
Digital Mental Health