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Zinc is a new venture, bringing together the smartest minds to build brand new tech businesses that solve big social problems in the developed world. The Zinc Programme recruits 40 entrepreneurial individuals to join a 6 month programme where they find their co-founders and build new commercial businesses from scratch. Each programme has a single mission, to solve a social problem which affects at least 100m people. 

The first programme goes live on October 2nd 2017 and its mission is “To improve the mental and emotional health of 650m women and girls in the developed world”. The entrepreneurs on the programme have a mix of backgrounds, combining tech, product/user and commercial/operational skills and experience. Each mission is supported by a wide range of academic experts (with a particular focus on translating social science research into innovation), corporates, business mentors, tech experts, specialist professionals and investors. Future missions will include: giving people second chances; reducing loneliness and isolation; improving social mobility for children; removing the negative impacts of disability; reducing unhealthy habits. Over 750 people applied for the October 2017 programme: with an average age of 35, half of them were from the UK and half were international, half had previous start-up experience including some very successful entrepreneurs and there was an equal mix of men and women. 

There are lots of ways to get involved with Zinc and help us deliver on our missions. If you want to provide expert help, coach teams, offer research and ideas, invest in the new businesses or just join the mailing list, you can sign up here or contact us at info@zinc.vc