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Do you want to use your skills to do something different?

Zinc builds new commercial tech companies that tackle the biggest social challenges in the developed world. We do this through a 9-month full-time pre-team pre-idea programme for 50 entrepreneurial individuals (we call them ‘Founders’), who come together at Zinc to find their Co-Founders and build their new businesses from scratch.


Each programme has a single mission.

The first mission, which we started in October 2017 in London, was to improve the mental and emotional health of 650m women and girls in the developed world. Read more about this mission and see the list of companies created in the first programme here.

Using Zinc as a platform, the Founders create scalable products and services that target millions of customers, based on the best social science research, exponential technologies and creative design.

The 9-months full time programme is designed to help you:

  • Find your co-founder(s) and experts
  • Help you to develop the product/service idea that addresses an unmet need, that is scalable and that has a big addressable market
  • Help you build and gain access to the networks and resources required to build your company.

This is achieved through the programme's three phases:

  1. Match: where founders choose the focus for their new business, their co-founder and their outline business idea
  2. Hatch: where the new teams design, test and improve their new products and services
  3. Accelerate: where the new businesses secure the resources they need to achieve their ambitions

The pace at which the founders move through these three phases varies, but on average each phase takes 3 months.

Founders on the programme are paid a stipend, provided with working space, and a structured programme including 100+ hours of workshops, talks and office hours delivered by top experts.


Who are we looking for?

The Zinc programme is for individuals who

  • want to start a new, scalable, tech business that solves a big societal issue
  • who don’t yet have a team and are looking for brilliant co-founders
  • who may have an idea already, or just a very strong motivation

People who like to create new things, who are excited by the opportunity to combine tech, commercial businesses, science and talent to solve one of the largest, and most important challenges we face today.

We’re looking for people who have skills and experience in building products and design services; people with relevant experience in the current mission’s domain (in this case, EdTech, Health, employment, entrepreneurship, social mobility, communities, urbanism) and people who understand how to start and scale companies.


People often ask us what success would look like for a Zinc business.

Well, 50 years ago, a group of social scientists, creative artists and business people focused on the mission of “mastering the addictive power of TV to do some good in the world”. The result was Sesame Street, the most-watched kids’ TV show ever across 140 countries, having more educational impact on poor minority children than expensive and scarce pre-schools, generating the $1billion Muppet franchise and still going strong. That’s the scale of social, commercial and lasting impact we aspire for in the businesses that come out of Zinc.

We are very proud of the calibre of Founders on the first mission, with an equal balance of men and women, who came together from 19 different countries and combined their tech, business, creative and specialist skills to set-up 17 new businesses. You can see their businesses on the Mission 1 page.