Applications for our next Venture Builder on eliminating environmental threats to our health, starting in October 2023, are now open. Places are offered on a first come first serve basis, so we encourage you to apply early to make the cohort.

Is the Zinc Venture Builder for me?

Are you are excited by the potential for scalable global solutions? Are you driven by the desire to use your skills, experience and energy to have a personal impact on the social issues that really matter to you? Then the answer is yes.

Our cohorts are built to be diverse in terms of gender, age, ethnicity & nationality. All of the individuals who join the Zinc Venture Builder share a passion to co-found a commercial, mission-driven business from scratch.

Zinc Founders Demonstrate



You have the ambition to build a scalable commercial business that has massive impact on the mission problem.



You have the capability to bring exceptional skills, expertise, networks and insights


Entrepreneurial Appetite

You have an entrepreneurial appetite for huge risk taking and the ability to go from 0-1 and power on to 100x.

Ready to start your entrepreneurial journey?

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Apply yourself or refer someone you know

Our next Venture Builder will begin in October 2023 with the mission to eliminate environmental threats to our health.

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Rose Acton Award for Women in Tech

Each Venture Builder we support one exceptionally ambitious technical woman Founder through the Rose Acton Award for Women in Tech, in memory of our late colleague. Are you passionate about our mission with a technical background? Apply for the award today.

Why join a Zinc Venture Builder?

The Zinc Venture Builder attracts a unique mix of Founders with a proposition specifically designed to build a mission-led venture:


The Zinc Venture Builder is based in London over 12 months, consisting of two 6-month phases: Venture Builder & Accelerate.

Venture Builder



As individuals, Founders explore and experiment with potential co-founders, until they find the right partnership to build their business. Meanwhile, they deep-dive into the problem they want to solve, gaining insights and building commitment to a focus area. This creates the nucleus of the new company: its purpose-driven mission & the founding team.




As teams, Founders hatch their product and company. During this period, they particularly focus on the product and business strands of the journey. By month 6, Zinc will decide which of the new companies will progress into the Accelerate phase.




Having received investment from Zinc upon reaching the Accelerate phase, the goal for ventures in this period is to set themselves up to succeed in the Resource phase. This means quickly developing the product, business and community around them.




The ventures progress with solution development, working on proving out desirability, feasibility and viability, in order to achieve the backing needed for the next 18 months.

Application deadlines

Our next Venture Builder focused on eliminating environmental threats to our health will begin in October 2023. We highly recommend interested candidates to attend one of our Meet & Greets before applying to learn more about Zinc, what it takes to be a successful Zinc Founder, and have any questions answered by the team – sign up here.

We run rolling admissions and Venture Builder places close as Founder places are allocated. Our advice is to submit your application as early as possible to give you the best chance of making the cohort.

Become a Founder

At Zinc, we bring together the brightest minds to build and scale new businesses that do good in the world. Applications for our next Venture Builder are now open. Join us.

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