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Globalisation & Automation

Unlock new opportunities for people in places hard hit by globalisation & automation





Deborah - Studio X

Studio X are using proven psychological techniques to create entertaining content that makes people feel great.

Alex, Tatseng & Huw - Tandem

Tandem is on a mission to end transport poverty in small cities and towns — places where the competition is lowest yet the need is greatest.

Lorenz - Yuno

Yuno, a new app that matches blue-collar workers with potential employers, is providing a way forward for millions of people whose jobs have gone abroad or been automated in recent years.

Trudie & Violaine - Bellevie

More than 40% of care workers leave their job every year as a result of poor employment conditions and a lack of career progression and support. Bellevie is on a mission to change this.

Irina, David and Shar - Game Academy

Are video game players the solution to the skills shortage? Game Academy thinks so. They sit at the intersection of gaming, education and human resources.

Dominic - Prime

Prime is a club for men in the prime of their life — to get active, be social, and make stuff. Their mission is to inspire and enable all midlife men to be more socially active.



The Fellows are leaders in their respective fields who are actively engaged with Zinc’s Mission2. They help the Zinc team to drive the programme and support the founders on their journey of building an impactful, ambitious and successful business. The Fellows are also joined by over 120 especially selected mentors and experts.

Get Involved

There are lots of ways to get involved with Zinc, find out the one that suits you below.



Fellows are experts and advisors from across business, academia, design, technology and the public sector. Fellows support Founders and their newly created companies by offering expertise in the form of talks, workshops, office hours and access to research and partners.


Executive coach

Executive coaches are certified or officially trained coaches who work with Founders and/or teams on the company builder programme. You will help them with their personal development and support the journeys of co-founders and teams.



Partners are individuals and organisations who help Founders and their newly created businesses to gain traction with users and partners to drive growth.



Interested in working in the Zinc team or one of the Portfolio Companies?