Looking to apply to the Zinc Venture Builder? Here’s everything you need to know

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Zinc is seeking 70 extremely ambitious, talented individuals from across the globe who want to become Zinc Founders and build businesses to transform people’s financial resilience.

The 12-month Venture Builder starts full-time, in-person in our London headquarters, in October and April of each year. Will you rise to the challenge and join us?

Zinc is an early-stage investor. We back Founders who want to build a new mission-driven business, even if they don’t yet have a team or an idea. We support the Founders to build brand new commercial businesses by providing access to co-Founders, investment, experts, in-house research & development (R&D) support and a proven process to launch a new venture.

You can find a full list of our FAQs in the document below, but here are a few questions you may find useful:

read the full FAQs here

What will the hours be like? Can I work on something else while on the Venture Builder or could I join part-time?
The Venture Builder is a full-time commitment, based in London. We do not offer remote or part-time options as it requires 100% commitment and focus – you will need to step away from any full-time professional commitments to join and build your new business.

What is the Zinc investment? 

When Zinc backs a Founder to build a business, you receive up to £250,000 in funding. This breaks down as:

  • £13,200 stipend across the first 6 months per founder (we have increased this by 10% to support with the cost of living crisis)
  • £80,000 first investment for any company that we decide to back
  • ~£150,000 follow on investment in the company’s seed round

Is there an application deadline?

Places are offered on a first come first serve, rolling basis and we receive hundreds of applications for every Venture Builder. As a result, applying earlier is best, especially if you require a visa or have a notice period to meet.

What happens if I miss an application round deadline? Or just recently found out about the Venture Builder at the end of the application process? 

We have application rounds, but there is no clear-cut deadline for submitting an application. We are seeking great talent 365 days a year.

read the full FAQs here

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