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Build your mission-led business with Zinc

Zinc is the ideal place to build a mission-led business. We invest in founders who make an impact at scale on the hardest environmental problems and the health of millions.

We have two routes for business-building: The first is to back individuals to build a start-up from scratch, turning insight into an important problem into an innovative and commercial solution.

The second is to spin-out science and technology from other organisations (e.g. universities and corporates) and build new businesses around this deep tech.

We back a diverse range of founders and our businesses often address underserved needs and overlooked challenges in the health of people and the planet.

Zinc Backs Three Types of Founders


Opportunity Experts

You have deep insight into an important problem in health and environment, with early ideas on potential solutions, and you have the credibility to build and grow an innovative solution in this space. You are looking for a co-founder (or two) with the commercial, product and/or technical skills and experience to help you turn your insights into an innovative product and a successful business.

The Start-up Route is right for you.

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Spin-out Leaders

You have developed innovative science or technology in another organisation (e.g. in your research job in a university, clinical or corporate setting) and are now ready to spin this out into an ambitious and deep-tech business. You want to attract co-founders with the commercial or technical skills to develop the science or technology into an innovative commercial product and a successful business.

The Spin-out Route is right for you.

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Business & Technical Leaders

You want to build and lead a mission-driven business in health or environment. You are looking for a co-founder who already has a great starting point to build this type of business (as an Opportunity Expert or a Spin-out Leader). You want to use your commercial, product or technical skills to develop the right solution for customers and to grow an ambitious business.

You are ideal for both the Start-up Route and the Spin-out Route.

Venture Building at Zinc

The Start-Up Route


If you are an Opportunity Expert or Business or Technology Leader, then Zinc’s Start-up Route is designed to help you build an ambitious new business from scratch. You can join the next cohort full-time on May 7th 2024.

Zinc provides you with a tried and tested platform for creating your new business.

Learn more.


The Spin-Out Route


If you’re a Spin-Out Leader or a Business or Technology Leader, Zinc’s commercialisation platform is designed to help you turn your deep tech or deep science innovation into an ambitious new venture. Zinc’s Spin-out Route addresses the spin-out issues, like ownership of IP and transitioning from research to commercial product. You can start this route at any time.

Learn more.

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Ready to Apply?

Our application process for each of these routes is simple. Select the track which is most relevant to your entrepreneurial journey, share some information with us about your mission, experience and plans, and our talent team will be in touch to discuss your application.

Not Sure Yet?

Are you interested in venture building at Zinc – but not sure which route is right for you – or whether now is the right time? Get in touch and one of the Zinc team will be happy to discuss your journey and whether Zinc is the right next step for you.

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