We believe one-size-fits-all wellbeing is a problem, and we’ve set out to solve it. Working with pioneer clients like Accenture and BetterSpace, BetterSpace has built a new category in the employee wellbeing market around Personalised Choice. Where the employee gets access to hundreds of the best wellbeing resources, personalised to them. And where the employer only pays for what they use, consigning the billions that are wasted today on unused benefits to the history books. It’s all about helping employees to build wellbeing habits at the lowest possible cost, which is how we hope to play our role in turning the tide on mental illness. That’s our mission.


Bold Health

Bold Health is a virtual therapeutic care provider revolutionizing the treatment of gastrointestinal conditions through comprehensive patient-centric care.



We deliver feel-good team activities that bring colleagues closer together and boost mental well-being. Taking place virtually or in-person, our events blend the interactivity and puzzle-solving of an escape room with the adventure and discovery of a treasure hunt. The result: A fun and different team activity that everyone can take part in.


zentor GmbH

zentor delivers online courses and blended learning solutions for professional and personal development – serving as a mentor for mental health and the pursuit of happiness. We leverage scientific insights and proven techniques for lasting change, supporting our mission to foster individual happiness for a more positive society.



StepLadder are on a mission to help first time buyers raise money for their homes through collaborative finance and education.



Tuune is building a fairer, personalized, medical system that puts our phenomenal hormones center stage—transforming the future of healthcare forever.



BelleVie supports older people to thrive at home. How? By reinventing the future of care work.


ETIQ AI is a flexible and customizable software platform for data scientists, risk, and business managers in the insurance, lending, and technology industry. The platform allows users to identify and mitigate the unintended bias in machine learning algorithms at the earliest stages and build services appropriate for a variety of groups in their consumer base. can be tailored to fit and is easy to use so that companies can grow faster and mitigate risk better. With our platform, you can ensure the agility and productivity of your data science teams.


Game Academy

Game-based learning platform that meets digital needs of the future. We use machine learning and popular video games to assess and teach 21st century skills.