Our Core Missions

We believe that missions are a powerful way to mobilise the most talented and driven people in the world to come together to design, build and scale new breakthrough solutions that solve real huge societal problems.

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Mental Health

The current crisis in mental and emotional health is the result of a lack of accessible, effective solutions.

Later Life

There are one billion people in the world aged over 60. By 2050, there will be two billion. By 2100, there will be three billion. As people live longer, older people make up an ever-larger proportion of the population. Soon, we can expect to see hundreds of millions of people living beyond the age of 100.


In recent years, the impact of automation and globalisation on jobs and communities has dominated headlines. We have witnessed a political backlash from places such as the US “rust belt,” where many people feel left behind by the economic changes of the last few decades. In addition, many citizens fear that the next waves of automation and globalisation could leave behind a new cohort of people and places.


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Featured Programme

The Zinc Venture Builder programme is a full time, 12 month programme that exists to build brand new companies that tackle the biggest social challenges in the developed world. The programme is designed to be:

Venture Builder

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Each of our Venture Builder programmes have a single Mission that tackles a big societal problem.

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You will join the programme as an individual, form bonds with other members of our supportive cohort and through this, create teams during the first stage of the programme.

pre idea


We expect you to come with a passion for the mission but you don’t need to have a strong solidified idea for a solution or business.

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