BelleVie supports older people to thrive at home. How? By reinventing the future of care work.


ETIQ AI is a flexible and customizable software platform for data scientists, risk, and business managers in the insurance, lending, and technology industry. The platform allows users to identify and mitigate the unintended bias in machine learning algorithms at the earliest stages and build services appropriate for a variety of groups in their consumer base. can be tailored to fit and is easy to use so that companies can grow faster and mitigate risk better. With our platform, you can ensure the agility and productivity of your data science teams.


Game Academy

Game-based learning platform that meets digital needs of the future. We use machine learning and popular video games to assess and teach 21st century skills.



Mobilise helps local authorities and the NHS reach and support the UK’s 13.6 million unpaid carers.



Sook is the new 21st century destination on the High Street offering flexible space by the hour.



We’re building the world’s mot flexible transport solution, working with local transport providers to turn their vehicles into affordable, reliable shared shuttles.

method x studios

Method X Studios

Method X Studios are working on cracking scalable prevention of poor mental health for a mass-market.