Vira Health

Vira is a digital health company focused on improving long-term health for women. Our core product is Stella – an app that delivers personalised treatment for menopause.


Optimi Health

Optimi is an interactive sports and exercise medicine platform making it easy to access expert care, supported by advanced technologies


YUNO (YUNO Technologies Limited)

Yuno is a psychometrics-based AI social mobility platform where workers whose jobs are under pressure from automation are matched with employers who are willing to train these workers in a skilled occupation. The machine learning models that power Yuno’s psychometric profiling app are trained on the data collected from the existing team of Yuno’s customers. Yuno learns what good looks like for their clients, and then compares against this, finding workers with the personality, interests and values that make them a perfect fit for their new team.



We’re building the world’s mot flexible transport solution, working with local transport providers to turn their vehicles into affordable, reliable shared shuttles.

method x studios

Method X Studios

Method X Studios are working on cracking scalable prevention of poor mental health for a mass-market.


Samson Health

Samson Health was founded in 2019 with a vision of empowering men to live longer, healthier and happier lives through better sexual health and wellbeing. We are achieving this through evidence-based, hardware-enabled digital training programs that provide all-natural solutions to common sexual health conditions like Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation while also providing education and advocacy to help improve health literacy and access to care.


More Human

More Human is the AI events engine for communities. Our software turns everyone into a successful organiser of high-quality, well-attended events. We do this using demand and attendee insights and ready-to-run content by well-known premium creators.



eargym is the fun new way to care for your hearing before you need hearing aids.